Remote magnetic navigation for heart rhythm disturbances treatment in patients after surgical correction of congenital heart disease

V. V. Beloborodov, N. A. Elemesov, A. V. Ponomarenko, E. A. Morzhanaev, A. G. Filippenko, I. L. Mikheenko, A. M. Chernyavskiy, A. B. Romanov
2021 Patologiâ Krovoobrašeniâ i Kardiohirurgiâ  
<p>The prevalence of congenital heart diseases is nine persons per 1000. Sometimes, congenital heart disease needs surgical correction. The long-term postoperative period is often associated with complex heart rhythm disturbances like ectopic or re-entry tachycardia. These cases, in combination with difficult anatomy, results in challenges during interventional treatment. Catheter ablation has been demonstrated as safe and effective in different types of arrhythmia treatments in such patients,
more » ... ncluding paediatric cohorts. Despite these facts, several important problems regarding using current technologies are still unresolved. Remote magnetic navigation showed good results regarding localisation of arrhythmogenic zones during treatment of complex heart rhythm disturbances. The objective of the present article is to review recently published data in this area and experience of Meshalkin National Medical Research Center in heart rhythm disturbances treatment using remote magnetic navigation in patients after surgical correction of congenital heart disease.</p><p>Received 28 September 2020. Revised 25 December 2020 г. Accepted 30 December 2020.</p><p><strong>Funding:</strong> The study did not have sponsorship.</p><p><strong>Conflict of interest:</strong> Authors declare no conflict of interest.</p><p><strong>Author contributions</strong><br />Conception and study design: A.B. Romanov, A.M. Chernyavskiy<br />Drafting the article: V.V. Beloborodov, А.V. Ponomarenko, E.А. Morzhanaev<br />Critical revision of the article: A.B. Romanov, А.V. Ponomarenko, I.L. Mikheenko, E.А. Morzhanaev, A.G. Filippenko, <br />A.M. Chernyavskiy<br />Final approval of the version to be published: V.V. Beloborodov, N.А. Yelemessov, А.V. Ponomarenko, E.А. Morzhanaev, <br />A.G. Filippenko, I.L. Mikheenko, A.M. Chernyavskiy, A.B. Romanov</p>
doi:10.21688/1681-3472-2021-1-32-39 fatcat:pg3ib4ts3zed3dkcga4etgdfjq