CODEN(USA): CRJHA5 Nutritional Composition of Grewia mollis Stem Bark

Nanbol Gambo, Gomerep, Apagu Thliza, Dapel Ayuba
2017 Chemistry Research Journal   unpublished
The use of the stem bark of Grewia mollis as a condiment in the preparation of soup and other meals in Northern Nigeria is common. Analysis of its nutritional composition was carried out. The proximate composition was determined using the standard methods of the A.O.A.C. (1990) and mineral elements content was obtained using Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) transmission emission spectrometer carrying an Rh X-ray tube (50KV, 5mA) with thick foil of pure Rh used as target material for
more » ... target material for absorption correction. The results which referred to (%) dry weight showed that G. mollis stem bark contains 0.24% crude protein, 1.20% crude lipid, 9.65% moisture, 3.05% total ash, 66.16% total carbohydrate and 19.70% crude fibre. Mineral analysis reveals 12 elements whose concentrations range from 1.00-2007.00mg/Kg, with calcium and potassium having the significant concentrations of 2007.00mg/Kg and 605.00mg/Kg respectively. The results of this study provide evidence that the stem bark of G. mollis is likely to be an important contributor to nutritional requirement of humans.