Nanodynamics of Ferroelectric Ultrathin Films

Qingteng Zhang, R. Herchig, I. Ponomareva
2011 Physical Review Letters  
The nanodynamics of ferroelectric ultrathin films made of PbTi 0.6 Zr 0.4 TiO 3 alloy is explored via the use of a first-principles-based technique. Our atomistic simulations predict that the nanostripe domains which constitute the ground state of ferroelectric ultrathin films under most of electric boundary conditions oscillate under a driving ac-field. Furthermore, we found that the atomically thin wall, or nanowall, that separates the nanodomains with different polarization directions
more » ... n directions behaves as an elastic object and has a mass associated with it. The nanowall mass is size-dependent and gives rise to a unique size-driven transition from resonance to relaxational dynamics in ultrathin films. A general theory of nanodynamics in such films is developed and used to explain all computational findings. In addition, we found an unusual dynamical coupling between nanodomains and mechanical deformations that could potentially be used in ultrasensitive electromechanical nanosensors.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.107.177601 pmid:22107582 fatcat:hjhwclfkmbgy7dsasc2gjr2xpm