Evolutionary Computation for Large-scale Multi-objective Optimization: A Decade of Progresses

Wen-Jing Hong, Peng Yang, Ke Tang
2021 International Journal of Automation and Computing  
AbstractLarge-scale multi-objective optimization problems (MOPs) that involve a large number of decision variables, have emerged from many real-world applications. While evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been widely acknowledged as a mainstream method for MOPs, most research progress and successful applications of EAs have been restricted to MOPs with small-scale decision variables. More recently, it has been reported that traditional multi-objective EAs (MOEAs) suffer severe deterioration
more » ... the increase of decision variables. As a result, and motivated by the emergence of real-world large-scale MOPs, investigation of MOEAs in this aspect has attracted much more attention in the past decade. This paper reviews the progress of evolutionary computation for large-scale multi-objective optimization from two angles. From the key difficulties of the large-scale MOPs, the scalability analysis is discussed by focusing on the performance of existing MOEAs and the challenges induced by the increase of the number of decision variables. From the perspective of methodology, the large-scale MOEAs are categorized into three classes and introduced respectively: divide and conquer based, dimensionality reduction based and enhanced search-based approaches. Several future research directions are also discussed.
doi:10.1007/s11633-020-1253-0 fatcat:q636cuvarbco7kmnvthnfysa54