D5.1 Interoperability Implementation Regulations

Carol Goble, Chris Evelo, Helen Parkinson, ELIXIR Interoperability Community
2018 Zenodo  
EXCELERATE WP5 targets the ELIXIR Interoperability Platform (EIP). This deliverable originally aimed to present "Interoperability Implementation Regulations" as "a set of standards, rules, controlled vocabularies, authorized unique identifiers and interoperable service APIs for the data repositories and biological knowledge bases agreed and implemented in the field with WP6 to 9 (Use Cases), and WP3 (Data)", as well has ensuring that resources were registered in appropriate ELIXIR registries.
more » ... ring the execution of EXCELERATE we have significantly refined and adapted this vision to offer a flexible and practical open framework for developing and deploying interoperability across the WPs, working with the WPs, and to more appropriately pump-prime sustainable and scalable approaches to interoperability in ELIXIR. The main aim of this deliverable is to present our progress for the implementation of our interoperability framework for EXCELERATE Use Cases WP6-9 and the ELIXIR Data Platform (WP3). This deliverable does not seek to dictate or prescribe the rules, regulations or vocabularies. Rather, it addresses the necessary interoperabilityinfrastructure to support the use cases through standards, services and know-how.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1452414 fatcat:j6bod5nlinadhl623uez7x46m4