The Great Mother: An Analysisof the Archetype, trans

1975 Myth, Religion, and Mother Right: Selected Writings   unpublished
, paintings most important to him (Love Locked Out, The Drolig Hansel, The Marriage at Carta), and the three levels of narrative (the Immortals dialogue, the life, the trustees' dilemma). The novel is the second volume of Davies' third trilogy. Triples in Atwood's novel include: flowers (tulips, irises, dandelions), Offred's mothers (mother, Lydia, Serena), and men (Luke, the Commander, Nick), the Handmaids (Janine, Offred, Moira), spies (Ofglen, Offred, Nick), and the narratives (the time
more » ... ives (the time before, the Red Centre, the posting). This triangular-ity is also apparent in the novels' self-interpreting stance (tape, those who hear the tapes, and the reader). 7. John T. Irwin, Doubling and Incest/Repetition and Revenge: A Speculative Reading