Weak antilocalization and zero-field electron spin splitting inAlxGa1−xN∕AlN∕GaNheterostructures with a polarization-induced two-dimensional electron gas

Ç Kurdak, N. Biyikli, Ü Özgür, H. Morkoç, V. I. Litvinov
2006 Physical Review B  
Spin-orbit coupling is studied using the quantum interference corrections to conductance in AlGaN/AlN/GaN two-dimensional electron systems where the carrier density is controlled by the persistent photoconductivity effect. All the samples studied exhibit a weak antilocalization feature with a spin-orbit field of around 1.8 mT. The zero-field electron spin splitting energies extracted from the weak antilocalization measurements are found to scale linearly with the Fermi wavevector with an
more » ... ve linear spin-orbit coupling parameter 5.5x10^-13 eV m. The spin-orbit times extracted from our measurements varied from 0.74 to 8.24 ps within the carrier density range of this experiment.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.74.113308 fatcat:u44jwk7ndra3jmkbz3s67vewiq