Investigation of musculoskeletal disorders in working clinical nurses [article]

Μαρία Ανδρέου, University Of Thessaly, Κωνσταντίνος Τσάρας
Nursing is a profession with many aggravating factors for the musculoskeletal system due to the difficult actions required during its execution, including the frequent transport of patients, the movement of material, and even the handling or transport of special equipment. Aim: The recording of musculoskeletal disorders and the investigation of possible factors related to both the occurrence of MSD and the quality of life of nursing staff in hospitals and 2 private clinics in Larissa. Material
more » ... nd Method: This is a contemporary study. 100 questionnaires were distributed, which included NMQ (The general Nordic for the Musculoskeletal symptoms Questionnaire), to the working clinical nurses, public and private sector in Larissa, Volos and Athens, in September -October 97 (97 of which were completed). %). SPSS 26 was used for statistical analysis and the statistical tests included descriptive statistics and t-test & test x 2 . Results: The total number of nurses who have had discomfort in the last 12 months, at any anatomical point, i.e. the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders was 68%, while the factors that cause the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders are statistically related to: age, gender, the smoking habit and alcohol consumption. Conclusions: The presentation of musculoskeletal disorders in working clinical nurses is a multidimensional problem that is influenced by many and distinct elements that may be related to the individual characteristics of nursing staff, workplace characteristics, years of work and other factors.
doi:10.26253/heal.uth.8443 fatcat:7mwntrxfd5dfhitmkf2hhdeghq