Microstructure and oxide particle stability in a novel ODS γ-TiAl alloy processed by spark plasma sintering and laser additive manufacturing

C. Kenel, K. Dawson, J. Barras, C. Hauser, G. Dasargyri, T. Bauer, A. Colella, A.B. Spierings, G.J. Tatlock, C. Leinenbach, K. Wegener
2017 Intermetallics (Barking)  
A B S T R A C T In this work, a novel oxide dispersion strengthened titanium aluminide alloy (Ti-45Al-3Nb-< 0.2Y 2 O 3 at.%) was developed for powder-based processing technologies with a focus on spark plasma sintering and additive manufacturing. Titanium aluminides are promising structural intermetallics for weight reduction and an increased performance of high temperature components. The alloy design and selection process was supported by computational thermodynamics based on the CALPHAD
more » ... on the CALPHAD approach, taking into account requirements for processing as well as long term alloy behavior under service conditions. Processing trials using spark plasma sintering, direct metal deposition and selective laser melting were conducted to study the alloy behavior, microstructure formation and introduction as well as stability of the ODS particles. Additionally, thermal annealing on the sintered and laser consolidated material was performed. Conventional dual phase α 2 -Ti 3 Al and γ-TiAl duplex and near-lamellar microstructures were obtained from the processed material. The ODS particles were homogeneously distributed in the alloy matrix after processing in the liquid state. For the direct metal deposition process, the novel alloy was compared to the established GE48-2-2 alloy (Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb) in terms of phases, microstructure and texture after processing. A significantly reduced texture formation was observed with the novel alloy. The hardness of the consolidated material shows superior properties for ODS-containing TiAl compared to ODS-free material. This work provides a first step towards tailored alloys for AM and the production of ODS TiAl alloys.
doi:10.1016/j.intermet.2017.07.004 fatcat:u5d2iljdh5fxzggfvlsbjqalfe