A Spitzer/IRAC survey of the Orion Molecular Clouds

S. T. Megeath, K. M. Flaherty, J. Hora, L. E. Allen, G. G. Fazio, L. Hartmann, P. C. Myers, J. Muzerolle, J. L. Pipher, N. Siegler, J. R. Stauffer, E. Young
2005 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
We present initial results from a survey of the Orion A and B molecular clouds made with the InfraRed Array Camera (IRAC) onboard the Spitzer Space Telescope. This survey encompasses a total of 5.6 square degrees with the sensitivity to detect objects below the hydrogen burning limit at an age of 1 Myr. These observations cover a number of known star forming regions, from the massive star forming clusters in the Orion Nebula and NGC 2024, to small groups of low mass stars in the L1641. We
more » ... the L1641. We combine the IRAC photometry with photometry from the 2MASS point source catalog and use the resulting seven band data to identify stars with infrared excesses due to dusty disks and envelopes. Using the presence of an infrared excess as an indicator of youth, we show the distribution of young stars and protostars in the two molecular clouds. We find that roughly half of the stars are found in dense clusters surrounding the two regions of recent massive star formation in the Orion clouds, NGC 2024 and the Orion Nebula.
doi:10.1017/s1743921305004783 fatcat:pgblweuasfdtpn7ookatesdyxy