New Distance Concept and Graph Theory Approach for Certain Coding Techniques Design and Analysis

Khmaies Ouahada, Hendrik C. Ferreira
2019 Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics  
A New graph distance concept introduced for certain coding techniques helped in their design and analysis as in the case of distance-preserving mappings and spectral shaping codes. A graph theoretic construction, mapping binary sequences to permutation sequences and inspired from the k-cube graph has reached the upper bound on the sum of the distances for certain values of the length of the permutation sequence. The new introduced distance concept in the k-cube graph helped better understanding
more » ... etter understanding and analyzing for the first time the concept of distance-reducing mappings. A combination of distance and the index-permutation graph concepts helped uncover and verify certain properties of spectral null codes, which were previously difficult to analyze.
doi:10.1515/caim-2019-0012 fatcat:equfdkbvvzcwpim7d6dmwuvsye