Government Policies To Improve Tobacco Farmers Business Results

Hezron Sabar Rotua Tinambunan, Hananto Widodo, T. Sudrajat, A. Raharjo
2018 SHS Web of Conferences  
Warehouse Receipt System suggest the potential that can be utilized on the implementation of the Warehouse Receipt System primarily in support of the financing, the minimization of price fluctuations, increase farmers' income, credit mobilization, improvement of product quality and so on. However, implementation of warehouse receipt system in the agricultural sector is still faced a number of obstacles including transaction costs, inconsistencies in the quantity and quality of agricultural
more » ... f agricultural products, the lack of support banking institutions, and the still weak farmer institutions. With institutional farmers are not organized properly, the rules of the warehouse receipt system is still seen as too complicated so that the necessary simplification of procedures so that the warehouse receipt system could be used by farmers. In addition, the socialization of the Warehouse Receipt System and conducive government policy support will be an important factor so that the warehouse receipt system can be implemented optimally.
doi:10.1051/shsconf/20185406007 fatcat:7wjxqwrvgzhxtbj37ct4ek2wpy