UNHCR: The First Fifty Years

Elisabeth Rehn
2001 Refuge  
concerns. Finally, Edith Kauffer Michel explores the programs of  in Mexico that focus on Guatemalan refugees. A third pair of papers bring a gendered perspective to the study of refugees and displaced persons, stressing that the needs and perspectives of refugee women deserve particular attention. These papers highlight that-while needing specific protections-refugee women must also be integrated into the decision-making that affects them. Nahla Valji studies historical and contemporary
more » ... and contemporary exclusion of women from the  Convention, noting that the "gender-blind" parameters of the Convention have enabled states to largely ignore the realities of displaced women, and that the "gender guidelines" adopted by some states have not remedied the problem. She critiques the tendency to regard women as an indifferent, dependent mass, as "womenandchildren," separate from men, who are regarded as independent actors. Jelena Zlatkovic-Winter's review of War's Offensive on Women reminds us of the multiple contexts from which women flee, and the need for both  and state asylum policy to respond to these realities.
doi:10.25071/1920-7336.21224 fatcat:ekaeqhwfkjdelhoutwdtwbmcqe