The influence of information culture on the formation of the image of a superhero of the XXI century

Oksana Gaiduk
2021 Vìsnik Nacìonalʹnoï akademìï kerìvnih kadrìv kulʹturi ì mistectv  
The purpose of the article is to investigate the influence of information culture on the formation of a superhero image of the XXI century. The research methodology includes such methods as analysis, synthesis, and systems approach, which makes it possible to trace and determine the vector of influence of information culture and digital processes taking place in connection with the informatization of society, on the transformation of the image of a superhero. The scientific novelty lies in the
more » ... act that virtual and augmented reality in the popularization of Ukrainian superheroes acts as a phenomenon that is considered not only as a result of interaction with people but also as an artifact of the new information era; the peculiarities of becoming a national hero as the basis of self-identification of modern Ukrainian society in the context of the specifics of information and communication technologies, are analyzed. Conclusions. Information culture is considered as a sphere of culture associated with the functioning of information in society and the formation of information qualities of a person. However, the phenomenon of the influence of information culture on the formation of the hero's image through the basis of society's self-identification in the modern dimension still remains unexplored. On a personal level, a person is surrounded by images, contradictory and disproportionate, and begins to simply consume the symbols and images of newly created superheroes. The structure of information culture includes a worldview component that provides motivation for information training of the individual; knowledge of the information environment, the laws of its operation, the ability to navigate in information flows. The information level of modern man is determined by his information culture, and the information culture of the individual, as a culture in general, reflects the active creative activity of man, and, accordingly, the development of man himself as a subject of this activity.
doi:10.32461/2226-3209.2.2021.239939 fatcat:hezgwp6pjbc7vem45lxz5zqjge