Experimental Investigation on the Vacuum Arc Behaviors of the Axial Magnetic Field (AMF) Electrode with Single Coil Structure

Shaoyong CHENG, Shixin XIU, Jimei WANG, Zhengchao SHEN
2007 Shinku  
In this paper, the in‰uence of arc current on vacuum arc behaviors of a new AMF electrode with single coil structure was investigated at long gap distance of 40 mm. A high-speed charge couple device (CCD) video camera was used to observe the arc behaviors. Two groups of arc modes were featured: 1) diŠuse arc modes including multi-cathode spots arc, high current diŠuse arc and high current diŠuse column arc. 2) constricted arc modes including anode plasma jet with local concentration of many
more » ... ode spots and group of cathode spots (APJS), anode plasma jet with local concentration of many cathode spots, anode and cathode plasma jets (APJ), and intense arc mode. The vacuum arc behaviors under diŠerent amplitude of arc current were researched.
doi:10.3131/jvsj.50.349 fatcat:tas6jr3xbrcbvgfnjr2mxyggam