Efficient Parallel CKY Parsing on GPUs

Youngmin Yi, Chao-Yue Lai, Slav Petrov, Kurt Keutzer
Low-latency solutions for syntactic parsing are needed if parsing is to become an integral part of user-facing natural language applications. Unfortunately, most state-of-the-art constituency parsers employ large prob-abilistic context-free grammars for disam-biguation, which renders them impractical for real-time use. Meanwhile, Graphics Processor Units (GPUs) have become widely available, offering the opportunity to alleviate this bottleneck by exploiting the fine-grained data parallelism
more » ... ata parallelism found in the CKY algorithm. In this paper, we explore the design space of parallelizing the dynamic programming computations carried out by the CKY algorithm. We use the Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) programming model to reimplement a state-of-the-art parser, and compare its performance on two recent GPUs with different architectural features. Our best results show a 26-fold speedup compared to a sequential C implementation .