Determining the Precise Work Area of Agriculture Machinery Using Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Muhammad Waleed, Tai-Won Um, Tariq Kamal, Aftab Khan, Adil Iqbal
2020 Applied Sciences  
Precisely measuring the work area of agriculture farm machinery is important for performing the authentication of machinery usage, better allocation of resources, measuring the effect of machinery usage on the yield, usage billing and driver's behaviour. The manual measurement, which is a common practice is an error-prone and time-consuming process. The irregular fields make it even more difficult to calculate the work area. An automatic solution that uses smart technology and algorithms to
more » ... isely calculate the work area is crucial for the advancement of agriculture. In this work, we have developed a smart system that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that records the movement of agriculture machinery and use it to measure the precise work area of its usage. The system couples the nearest neighbourhood algorithms with Contact-based mechanisms to find the precise work area for different shaped fields and activities. The system was able to record the movement of machinery and calculate its work area, regardless of how many times the machinery runs through a particular field. Our evaluation shows that the system was able to precisely find the work boundaries and calculate the area with a maximum of 9% error for irregular shapes.
doi:10.3390/app10103365 fatcat:5zlwt4azlba67jl3mmmzvyrhle