Scotogenic dark matter in an orbifold theory of flavor

Francisco J. de Anda, Ignatios Antoniadis, José W. F. Valle, Carlos A. Vaquera-Araujo
2020 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We propose a flavour theory in which the family symmetry results naturally from a six-dimensional orbifold compactification. "Diracness" of neutrinos is a consequence of the spacetime dimensionality, and the fact that right-handed neutrinos live in the bulk. Dark matter is incorporated in a scotogenic way, as a result of an auxiliary ℤ3 symmetry, and its stability is associated to the conservation of a "dark parity" symmetry. The model leads naturally to a "golden" quark-lepton mass relation.
doi:10.1007/jhep10(2020)190 fatcat:nf52v3l7brfs5pzev7i67wulxy