Outcome in relation to Apgar score in term neonates

P K Misra, N Srivastava, G K Malik, R K Kapoor, K L Srivastava, S Rastogi
1994 Indian Pediatrics  
Sixty four asphyxiated term babies (Apgar score of 6 or less at 5 minutes) and 90 non-asphyxiated term babies (controls) were studied. Of these, 40 cases and 48 controls could be followed up. Mortality and neurodevelopmental outcome were studied in both the cases and controls. Mortality and poor neurodevelopmental outcome correlated inversely with the Apgar scores at 5 and 10 minutes. The outcome of babies with low 5 minute Apgar scores was significantly better than those with the same scores
more » ... 10 minutes. Symptomatic neonates when compared to asymptomatic neonates with same Apgar score showed significantly poorer outcome. Babies with Apgar scores of 6 at 5 or 10 minutes behaved like the controls both in terms of mortality and neurodevelopmental outcome.
pmid:7875781 fatcat:rm6pnsq7rnh5dekdvs6xaqngea