O. Synytsia, L. Vinnikova
2021 Harčova Nauka ì Tehnologìâ  
The poultry production is growing rapidly every year. Having a rapid pace of development and reproduction, and greater affordability, the poultry products are in high demand from the population. In this regard, the industry is in demand for deep processing of poultry meat, which is not only economically feasible, but also makes it possible to expand the scope of use of this product. The complex morphological structure of the poultry complicates its use as the main raw material for meat
more » ... and poultry meat is mainly sold in the form of natural semi-finished products with a limited shelf life. It is possible to expand the range of poultry products through the production of canned food. A new technology for the production of pasteurized canned poultry meat was developed at the Department of Meat, Fish and Seafood Technology of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. This technology involves hydrothermal treatment of the raw materials, hot boning, mixing of components of the formulation and pasteurization. This article reveals the issue of the first stage of production, namely the establishment of rational meat hydrothermal treatment conditions. The problem of choosing the heat treatment conditions is extremely important, because depending on the process conditions and the final heating temperature, the transformation of the components and the properties of the finished products differ significantly. The paper studies the effect of temperature in the range from 65 to 95°C in 5°C increment on the rate and degree of cooking of collagen, the formation of the required structure of the product (hydrogel base filled with individual muscle fibers), hardness and tenderness of meat. It is established that the optimal processing temperature of poultry meat is 65°C. The meat processed at this temperature had the highest degree of collagen cooking, the highest viscosity of the broth, the lowest shear stress, and the best organoleptic characteristics.
doi:10.15673/fst.v15i2.2100 fatcat:ndrpao5nwfge3hcbcoqp3eo3m4