PWR blowdown heat transfer separate-effects program - Thermal-Hydraulic Test Facility experimental data report for test 177. [Contains microfiche data] [report]

V.D. Clemons, R.M. Flanders, W.G. Craddick
1980 unpublished
A va il abl e fro m GPO Sa les Program Divi sion of T echnical Information and Docum ent Contro l U .S. Nucl ea r Regul atory Com m iss ion Washington, D .C. 20555 Th is report was prepared as an account of work sponso red by an ag e ncy of the United States Government. Neither the United States Govern ment nor an y ag ency thereof, nor any of their employees , makes any warran ty , ex press or impl ied , or assumes any legal liab ility or rnsponsibility for the accuracy , compl eteness, or
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doi:10.2172/5496584 fatcat:uc73xxnawzdnjemcafx2gex5uu