APX005M, a CD40 agonist antibody with unique epitope specificity and Fc receptor binding profile for optimal therapeutic application

Erin L. Filbert, Pia K. Björck, Minu K. Srivastava, Frances R. Bahjat, Xiaodong Yang
2021 Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy  
AbstractTargeting CD40 with agonist antibodies is a promising approach to cancer immunotherapy. CD40 acts as a master regulator of immunity by mobilizing multiple arms of the immune system to initiate highly effective CD8 + T-cell-mediated responses against foreign pathogens and tumors. The clinical development of CD40 agonist antibodies requires careful optimization of the antibody to maximize therapeutic efficacy while minimizing adverse effects. Both epitope specificity and isotype are
more » ... al for CD40 agonist antibody mechanism of action and potency. We developed a novel antibody, APX005M, which binds with high affinity to the CD40 ligand-binding site on CD40 and is optimized for selective interaction with Fcγ receptors to enhance agonistic potency while limiting less desirable Fc-effector functions like antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity of CD40-expressing immune cells. APX005M is a highly potent inducer of innate and adaptive immune effector responses and represents a promising CD40 agonist antibody for induction of an effective anti-tumor immune response with a favorable safety profile.
doi:10.1007/s00262-020-02814-2 pmid:33392713 fatcat:aaoszxql2bexdbtgg6k45toude