Karan Khurana, Matteo Saraceno
2019 EUREKA Social and Humanities  
This research article explores the current state of affairs of arts and culture sector in Ethiopia. An in-depth analysis of various dimensions of art and culture highlights where the country is presently lacking in governance and socio-economic progress in the sector. A qualitative research was carried out to collect primary data. 52 respondents were chosen to be interviewed from Bahir Dar University by the method of quota sampling and the results were analyzed. Secondary data was also analyzed
more » ... a was also analyzed through academic literature from universities in Ethiopia, reports from government and development organizations. Survey results and existing academic literature have guided to single out major hindrances to this sector. In this research it can be confirmed, that the arts and culture sector needs a major intervention in terms of governance and marketing. This research gives out a very structural strategy, based on cultural governance, cultural economics and strategies of new business development as it pillars to support the prosperity of this sector in Ethiopia. The existing academic research provides data on different arts and culture and problems which are specific to a particular region of the country. Whereas this article goes a step further in enforcing the ordinance of cultural governance to the responsible government bodies both locally and nationally and simultaneously highlights how economic progress can be achieved through this sector. Cultural governance as a directive has never been implemented in transition economies and this article will serve as a directive for the future. This article shall be very beneficial for further research in this sector and structuring the work of government bodies, stake holders and the people involved in the sector within Ethiopia.
doi:10.21303/2504-5571.2019.00946 fatcat:7hemuioy4nhwnl62nyybavt5ie