A discussion on the spatial features and management systems in allotment gardens in urban park

2019 Journal of The Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture  
In Japan, the Urban Park Act in 1956 allows for the establishment of allotment gardens within urban parks. Although this system has existed since enactment of the act, the number of urban parks with established allotment gardens is still limited. We hypothesized that the reason allotment gardens have not been implemented in urban parks is because of conflicting perceptions between the park as a public benefit and the gardens as private spaces. We identified the special features and the
more » ... t systems of six urban parks in Yokohama city and determined how public benefit is provided by the private use of allotment gardens. As a result, the following two points are identified; 1) Allotment gardens can mitigate conflicts in perceptions by using low fences, making full use of terrain, and using semi-public spaces effectively. Allotment gardens surrounded by high fences and gates fail to consider other park users and contribute to existing perception conflicts. 2) In terms of park management, events and activities held by designated park administrators for the surrounding community contributes to the perception of private use allotment gardens being compatible with public benefit.
doi:10.5632/jila.82.543 fatcat:zwzsgp5xa5a2nfhvdq44wcssha