DESCOLONIZR A EDUCAÇÃO: Os Mestres dos Saberes Populares e Tradicionais no contexto da formação cultural

Francisco Antônio Nunes Neto
2016 Interfaces Científicas - Educação  
The text discusses about the importance of the established dialogues between formal and non-formal spheres of the cultural formation process. To do so, understands the value of knowledge and the introduction of the masters knowledge of popular culture as a challenge to school institutions. Still exists to nowadays, largely a model training school based on bookish tradition whose epistemology was inherited mainly from European countries. In this sense, the article provokes us to think about new
more » ... to think about new challenges to modern education as it discusses the failure of academic training model is within the basic school as practiced in most brazilian colleges and universities that did not appreciate local popular knowledge, subaltern them, contributing to the perpetuation of a hierarchy among knowledge and wisdom.
doi:10.17564/2316-3828.2016v4n3p31-42 fatcat:y3cyt22bkzhjznuwkmwrlux6l4