Baseline LHC machine parameters and configuration of the 2015 proton run [article]

R Bruce, G Arduini, S Fartoukh, M Giovannozzi, M Lamont, E Metral, T Pieloni, S Redaelli, J Wenninger
This paper shows the baseline LHC machine parameters for the 2015 start-up. Many systems have been upgraded during LS1 and in 2015 the LHC will operate at a higher energy than before and with a tighter filling scheme. Therefore, the 2015 commissioning phase risks to be less smooth than in 2012. The proposed starting configuration puts the focus on feasibility rather than peak performance and includes margins for operational uncertainties. Instead, once beam experience and a better machine
more » ... etter machine knowledge has been obtained, a push in β * and performance can be envisaged. In this paper, the focus is on collimation settings and reach in β * -other parameters are covered in greater depth by other papers in these proceedings. BEAM CHARACTERISTICS Although the design proton beam energy of the LHC is 7 TeV, the baseline energy for 2015 is 6.5 TeV. The reason is that, in order to reach 7 TeV, it is estimated that an unfeasibly large number of training quenches is needed [13] ,
doi:10.5170/cern-2015-002.100 fatcat:7oxyywsyrngt7olnkgb4352pde