Assessment of gas-hydrate saturations in the Makran accretionary prism using the offset dependence of seismic amplitudes

Maheswar Ojha, Kalachand Sain, Timothy A. Minshull
2010 Geophysics  
11 We estimate the saturations of gas hydrate and free gas based on measurements of 12 seismic reflection amplitude versus offset (AVO) for a bottom simulating reflector (BSR) 13 coupled with rock physics modeling. We apply the approach to data from a seismic line in the 14 Makran accretionary prism in the Arabian Sea. The results reveal lateral variations of gas 15 hydrate and free gas saturations between 4-29% and 1-7.5%, respectively, depending on the 16 rock physics model used to relate
more » ... mic velocity to saturation. The approach is simple and 17 easy to implement. 18 19
doi:10.1190/1.3315861 fatcat:4ppxvam5e5f4nhpo2vfqsx6bui