Evaluation of hyperalgesic effect of sitagliptin in albino mice

Lalit Mohan, Manoj Kumar, Manish Kumar, Saajid Hameed, Amritanshu Shekhar
2021 IP International Journal of Comprehensive and Advanced Pharmacology  
Various studies have showed the increased incidence of joint pain with the use of DPP-4 inhibitors. There is also some evidence of increase in inflammatory mediators like substance P, SDF-1 and other cytokines with the inhibition of DPP-4 from some experimental studies. But this association is still unclear and DPP-4 inhibitor continue to be prescribed in inflammatory disorders. So, this study was planned to assess the development of hyperalgesia in albino mice with the use of
more » ... iptin dissolved in saline was administered in the doses of 10, 20, 30 mg/kg to Albino mice of either sex weighing 25-30 gm. Hyperalgesia was assessed in the mice with hot plate method and acetic acid induced writhing test. We found that reaction time of the mice receiving higher dose of Sitagliptin in hot plate method was lower than that of mice receiving lower doses or distilled water (P-Value <0.05). We also found that after injection of acetic acid, the number of writhing observed in the mice receiving higher dose of Sitagliptin was greater than that of mice receiving lower doses or distilled water (P-Value <0.05). Our findings show that in a cohort of mice receiving Sitagliptin and distilled water at baseline, there was significant association between dose of Sitagliptin and hyperalgesia. However, P-Value was greater than 0.01, but with these finding we can't rule out this association and need for further prospective studies to assess the relationship between DPP-4 inhibitors and hyperalgesia.
doi:10.18231/j.ijcaap.2021.025 fatcat:elnmrrwssvao5nvunpzxoexlra