The tides in the south-western Kara sea. Tides calibration method effects

G. N. Voinov, A. K. Naumov
2017 Problems of the Arctic and Antarctic  
The estimates of the tides harmonic constants are given over the period from 1962 to 1993. They were received using a least square method according to AARI. Quality estimation of the sea level observations was performed. The annual series with bad observations were transformed by means of tides calibration. The Estimation of the tides fi ne structure – harmonics of the second and third degree of the potential according to analysis over the period from 1962–1985 was received. The statistical
more » ... The statistical estimations of the sea level in the separate typical years were calculated using initial and corrected series.
doi:10.30758/0555-2648-2017-0-4-98-115 fatcat:wxxzjqnjafdnbkjsfqetntrmuu