Sulfur utilization in construction industry [chapter]

2006 Reclaiming the Desert: Towards a Sustainable Environment in Arid Lands  
Several construction related smart mobile device applications (Apps) that can be useful in the construction industry exists today, yet little to nothing is known about the levels of awareness and utilization of such Apps by construction management professionals in the construction industry of Ghana .There appears to be a gap between the existence of such technology design and utilization of such technology in the Ghanaian construction industry. The aim of this study is to examine the use of
more » ... truction related Apps in the Ghanaian construction industry and to proffer measures to boost its utilization. The objectives were to ascertain the awareness of the existence of construction related Apps and to evaluate construction management professionals' utilization of the Apps in the Ghanaian construction industry. After extensive search of extant literature, five (5) construction related smart mobile device applications were identified. The identified Apps were categorized under 5 main headings; namely, estimation, calculators, CAD, construction site and project management Apps. A questionnaire survey of Sixty-Two registered building and civil contractors in Ashanti Region were conducted. Questionnaires were distributed to top management team of the firms which yielded a response rate of 89%. Data obtained were analyzed using means scores and other descriptive statistics. The results show that majority of respondents were not aware of the existence or availability of the construction elated Apps, although about 58% of the respondents own and use Android mobile phones or tablets that supports such Apps. Findings further indicate that, the ten (10) top Apps normally used by construction management team members were site photos, microsoft, spirit level, material estimator calculator, AutoCAD WS, Construction Master Pro, Universal Estimator, AndCAD, Carpenter's Calculator, and painting estimator. Construction related Apps may be useful technology to aid construction management professionals' performance towards achieving production efficiency and improvement. It is however important that tertiary educational institutions pursuing construction related programmes educate construction engineers to have adequate knowledge of and to be abreast with modern construction related Apps and the importance of the usage of these construction Apps to enhance increased productivity, efficiency and improved performance in the conduct of their operations.
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