The effect of various proteins on streptolysin production

F. A. Stevens, C. Lamar
1922 Experimental biology and medicine  
serum produces little or no acceleration of the disappearance of antigen it seems justifiable to assume that intravascular union plays an unimportant r81e in the mechanism for removal of foreign serum from the circulation, and therefore that the cellular phase is of predominating significance. I t is also evident from the results on the whole group of 28 rabbits studied that individual variation extends over a wide range both in ability to form antibody and in the rate a t which foreign serum
more » ... ich foreign serum is removed from the circulation. Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, and the Presbyterian Hospihl, New York City. J Variations in streptolysin production in horse and rabbit serum media were noted in a previous publication. In horse serum hemolysin was produced in titratable quantities later in the growth of cultures than in rabbit serum broth but the maximum concentration reached was greater. Unless glucose were present the curve of lysin production corresponded closely to that of growth since hemolysin was found in greater concentration during the period in which the bacteria were multiplying most rapidly. On account of these differences which were characteristic of these sera an attempt was made to discover the responsible factors. The albumen and globulin ratio was modified so that the horse serum contained the same proportions of horse-serum albumen and globulin as were found in rabbit serum, and rabbit serum the same percentages as were present in horse serum. Flasks prepared with 20 per cent. of these modified sera in plain infusion with 0.7 per cent. NaCl, were seeded with equal quantities of a 16-hour culture of hemolytic streptococcus in 2 0 per cent. horse serum broth. Hemolysin titrations were then made a t intervals of an hour with a suspension of horse corpuscles in physiological salt. The percentages of albumen and globulin in normal rabbit at UNIV CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO on September 4, 2015 Downloaded from
doi:10.3181/00379727-19-118 fatcat:gby4egse2fcsxlawjtqbsgzoqm