How to study G-quadruplex structures

Magdalena Małgowska, Dorota Gudanis, Anna Teubert, Grażyna Dominiak, Zofia Gdaniec
2012 BioTechnologia  
All guanine-rich DNA and RNA molecules tend to fold into inter-and intra-molecular structures called G-quadruplexes. The core of a G-quadruplex is composed of at least two adjacent G-tetrads stabilized by monovalent cations. While it has been suggested that there could potentially be over 375 000 quadruplex forming sequences in the human genome alone, only a small number of three-dimensional G-quadruplex structures are known. More structural data are needed to explain their presence and
more » ... resence and function in vivo. We offer here a short review of experimental methods commonly used to determine G-quadruplex topologies.
doi:10.5114/bta.2012.46592 fatcat:3uwoyweorvbqvc3iy6t2ht46la