Functional Outcome Measurements of a Veteran With a Hip Disarticulation Using a Helix 3D Hip Joint: A Case Report

Leif Marshall Nelson, Neil T. Carbone
2011 Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics  
There are no previously published studies measuring functional outcomes with the Helix 3D hip joint prosthesis for an individual with a hip disarticulation amputation. The veteran is a 30-year-old male with a traumatic hip disarticulation amputation. The timed up and go and the 2-minute walk tests were performed at the time of delivery of the permanent Helix 3D hip joint prosthesis, again at 8 weeks, and at 15 weeks. Both tests were also performed at 15 weeks with the veteran using an Otto Bock
more » ... using an Otto Bock 7E7 single-axis hip joint prosthesis. The veteran showed consistent improvement with the Helix 3D hip joint in timed up and go times from initial fitting (mean 23.4 seconds) to 8 weeks (mean 17.9 seconds) and to 15 weeks (mean 15.1 seconds). The veteran had similar 2-minute walk distances at all trials, resulting in an overall average walking speed of 1.06 m/second. At week 15, by using the 7E7 hip prosthesis, the veteran ambulated at 0.56 m/second. Using the Helix Hip 3D, the outcome measures used in this study suggest that the veteran will be independent in activities of daily living, successful with community ambulation, and is at low risk of future hospitalization. (J Prosthet Orthot. 2011;23:21-26.)
doi:10.1097/jpo.0b013e318209777c fatcat:tgtja5pfuzcybg7ryls2v35dle