Hand Dominance and Motor Unit Firing Behavior

Alexander Adam, Carlo J. De Luca, Zeynep Erim
1998 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Adam, Alexander, Carlo J. De Luca, and Zeynep Erim. Hand several researchers reported differences in the physiology dominance and motor unit firing behavior. J. Neurophysiol. 80: between the dominant and the nondominant upper limb. [1373][1374][1375][1376][1377][1378][1379][1380][1381][1382] 1998. Daily preferential use was shown to alter physi- Fugl-Meyer et al. (1982) found a higher percentage of type ological and mechanical properties of skeletal muscle. This study I muscle fibers in the
more » ... e fibers in the extensor carpi radialis brevis of the was aimed at revealing differences in the control strategy of muscle dominant arm compared with the homologous muscle of the pairs in humans who show a clear preference for one hand. We contralateral arm. An indication of contralateral differences 0022-3077/98 $5.00
doi:10.1152/jn.1998.80.3.1373 pmid:9744946 fatcat:miu4srh2one3zcsqzyu5uw2hpm