Neutron Fluence and Energy Spectra around the Varian Clinac 2100C/2300C Medical Accelerator

K. R. Kase, X. S. Mao, W. R. Nelson, J. C. Liu, J. H. Kleck, M. Elsalim
1998 Health Physics  
We have simulated the head geometry of a Varian Clinac 21OOU23OOC medical accelerator in a Monte Carlo calculation to produce photoneutrons and transport them through the head shielding into a typical therapy room (modeled by a test cell at Varian Associates). The fast neutron leakage fluence and energy spectra have been calculated at 7 positions around the linac head for typical beam operation-it 10, 15, 18 and 20 MV. The results of these calculations have been compared with limited
more » ... limited measurements made using the same model accelerator operating in a Varian test cell. . Calculations were also made for the fluence and energy spectra outside the head with no surrounding concrete walls, floor or ceiling to eliminate the effects of scattering from concrete. Comparisons were also made with calculations using a much simplifed head geometry. The results indicate that the calculations using the complex head geometry compare, within the uncertainties, with the measurements. The simple head geometry leads to differences of a factor of 2 from the complex geometry. Results of these calculations can be used to calculate fast neutron transmission through various shielding configurations and through labyrinths.
doi:10.1097/00004032-199801000-00005 pmid:9415580 fatcat:prvwgns7lvh75kzqawohspcpky