The Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, August 20, 1931] [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, University, My
CAPITOtf aim0 firt0s JOHN BOLES in "SEED" CAPITOL nm-EIGKT YEAR NANAIMO. VANCOUVER ISLAND, BRITISH COUAMA. mURSDAY. AUGUST 20. 1931. NUMKR 106. OVER MILLION ACRES SWEPT BY FIRES IMNMnill USTIIIDF \ ictoru. .\siK 20,-Vicluriu will l>c the western ttrminu* oi Canada'* National Highway stretching acron lli« i)umiiiion t« the AlUnlic. and giving. h>r the »ir«t time *incc Confederation, ilMCElEI FOiDOFMliS. : 'S BODY Sl~rln, Gmt of C.r J.cmod ood Mr. M, Fr.irr Tri«f I. i, Hfl tb« Treat. f ilh-'
more » ... Ct .*1)1, hy 4...IKC ond tu >icld-th« hofb* Canadian TPhlCliUr roiiie. Tlje I hi.'ly i.i M Traaer, of Cassidy, present Island Highway between tliii wh.. ij In-licvnl'»'ri.»u»ed in the Fraser city and Sanaimo will form shr link in the trans'Canada route, and work on widening, grade irnprovetnent and cliniinatitm of dangerou* curve* will start as soon as ps»ssible. ()n tlie Manland, through llrili«h Columhia, the Transcanada Highway wilt run from Vancouver through the Lower Fraser \'alley to Hope; frotn tliai tilacc it will follow the Cariboo Koad through the Fraser Canyon to Lytton, whe/e it will leave the Fraser to follow the fourte fv{ the. Tliompson Fiver to Spence's Bridge and on to KamkMips. From Kamhsops it will pan through .Salmon Arm and to Revel* stoke. Then it will iravcr»»' the Big | Bend country to (ioMca where it will I connect with the road through Banff j amt t algary. EalaUag Ro»4» By adojitiiig this route the Tran*' River Tuesday when her hushand** car (fvcrtiirncd and raiight iirt on Ostran der Hill, in milri from here, on the CarilKHi Highway. Mr. Fraicr, found by Indian* in a 'emi-con>rioas n.mdilifn near the wreck of hi* car. iv recovering tcalay dre» end clothing were almost worn through from six hours of wandering in a daz ed condition, stunned h} shitck and weak fr.»m l«.'» oi blood Although the :u'i;idenl .nvurred at abi-ut 11 a.m., he wi-, iH.t f«>und until 5 o'il.Kk. Scard), yj the river banks will he lotitinned. but it is not expected to J recover Mrs. Fra/rr's Uwly fi.f *ome I day s. a* the current of the river is very swift at this pymt. Canada Highway wd'. take advantage of Keconstrurtion of the accident which the esisteiifc of provincial r.'ads, and led to the tragedy, ba«cd on examina-IS 10,000 Men Battlinijg Flames In The States Dai Thomas Remanded Until August 27th. \ .on finer. Au.;r. it*-\S'lieii r' uargc !■; I'.Hisjiiraiy i.i driraud agaimt Uai 'JIk.u«s; A iinemtver broker, wa-cal!id in [.ah.-.-ojiirf tlu* nioruirig. a iurther reniaml wav granted unti! .Atigii't >7 TESTBOlISJi BEPfllHED DEID IB SZECgWlN JihanglMi Aug. 2t> -death toll c>tinuled at lO.dUQ person* in the im portant Lii Ho river towns of T/cchow. XcikiaiiR and Fu*hun was reported to day hy Kuomin. the official (.overnnu-m news agency, a« floods similar to which have devastated Hupeh and .•\nhwci provincrv ^wept through Szechwan provitice, the most densely jiopulaled province in Chin*. tfniy < oniparative short ilistance be tween the end* of the roads, now un der construction, between HeveUtoke and (j-)tden, in the Big Bend country, will remain to In built as entirely new tion of the'wrecked car, shows (bat the vlAring gear on Mr Frazer's car be-; same jammed when he wus making the , tniprolicied hairpin turn on Ostrander j If.II-tins pomt. pohcc exaimnaiion ' work. By taking advantage of the cs-j revealed, there is^ a ktraight drop of isting rivatS system i<»r llu-juirposc* of* ai'pr.ivimatrly .k» icct from iL-road ' lalb the Tiar.scanada Highvray. a greater j edge to the river b.vnk whicli annnml of work can be carried on »im-j -barply away to the water. , nltam->us!> and this being done in the Study of ibc r*»ad and whcrl tnark* HlliM IS llElTiEDWITB DESmTlON Hankow. .\»g Ji»-\Vith »0.u0(t pernaturc of improvement undertaking* .will result in the highway being of greater width, and of a more tubstanlial rbaraeler than if the groundwork of the existing r.^d* was not ulllizesl. In additi-m to the Trantcanada Highway. work will Iw carrn-tl out on the irausprov iix'ia! r.^it. and (Fie uni;ni^h' fd sfiiioii between llr»j>e and Prince ton will lie completed, Thi* will fr»« rn ahcntaic route from Vancouver to .\lberta hy way ttf th»-Similkaroeen. Okanagan and Kettle VaUev*. and on to N'fbon. Crestou. Cranhrivk and j through tlir i.'r.iwi' N'e*t Pa*-to .\'heria, pnividiug a> veil the opportun* J fly I'l following the -olutnbia S'alSey roait from Cranbr<*<'k t»> tlolden t<> ci-Jiuect with the Transcanada High way. of agaiu by going up the Colum bia Valiev to I.akc Umdermete anl traversing the route thtough heaiitiful Ki-denav Park to Banff. EMPLOY THOUSANDS Tl:>>u,ands of men will find employ ment on the great htgliwaj srhemc (hat will he launched 4v »oon as the dtt.ii!« have been settled and ratification of pr.»j«,s;d, already di>cu»'e-l between the Pri.viiice and Dominion h.v» been Riven by Ottawa. • During the past two years the Pro-j vitudat (iovefifmrnt has done a great" deal or rxrcHent imprmement work on , the rxi-ting highways ot I'.riiuh Co-| huulna. hut a vast animiut >>( w-irk re mains to be dime along the entire | route sclectrsl for Hritish Culurob'a'v portion of llu-TraiiscanaiU Highway ' There Is scarcely a mile between Hope | . and the .Mheria brmiidary which di>c* i tio| lend itself l.» inipi.uenicnt; rock; lihiiis tfv be cut away, fills |.> hr made : iiiditatc that Mr. Frazer attempted to : sons in the Wuhan area cutnprisiug the tdrt! the car imp a nearby tret to pre-cities of Hankow. \Sui.hang and liaiivent tt from hurtling the hank, when! yang, estimated to he homeless and he discuvered. the steering gear jam-' destitute, the Yaugtse River here toincil Tratks trveakd tliat the uncoij-' dati was five inchc.* luliwv the record ii.i'h.t missed two !rec> by a ' high of yeiterilay when it-rcjehcd S3 h.uul\ ;.ir.i' | -■ bf-ciisinictcil where thr hi«hw;iy | M"inrial. .\uc 2»» -N • pa.vmrnt* wimU ariiim.1 ttiounlani-ttiiHi: culvert* , h*vr bren nuulc hv the flf»uliarm-r» to be isiit iir asid grade* to he reduced, j j\,vkcr I «rri"faU«*ii at any to niiy Imprew* liUnd Read* Inuinber . t the 0*»vbci-goveniment or f)n tSie \'ancr'UM-r Dland *crtion of lr;>i»latnn'. R O Swiczey. president of the national nelwotk. the Provincial rii'U-rument hav ab.> done mnarkahljr finc-w«>rk in thj' past two yrart, on the Xtalalui Nceiir>i) particulaily, n» well a* -ffrotind-LTrrtvTmitb: Tiu itilt remalni tn.wrvrr. a great deal nf valuable cooitructioii wyrk to hr d«»ne between Vietoria aiMl!iu>;>. Many pv>int* on lh*f Makihttt will he widened, and ettrvrv iiniirsivcd, while grade* will be Iwtt.f.'il to the fulle>! extent The *anif s.^, su iii "f tinprr.sveinmt will be mideiiakeii al.iniJl the entire portion of the highvvnv betv-ien the two plaCCI.
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