The Influence of Battery Acid on the Destruction of Acrylic Coatings of Car Bodies

Danuta Kotnarowska
2021 Coatings  
Renovation coatings of car bodies undergo destruction under the influence of operational factors. Like ultraviolet radiation, erosion, and aggressive media (among others, battery acid). This article concerns the evaluation of the influence of battery acid on the destruction of acrylic coatings previously non-aged, as well as aged climatically for 2 years. Ageing of the coatings with battery acid contributed to a degradation increase of their chemical structure. It was supported by a
more » ... increase in the polar component of surface free energy (SFE) of the coatings. In the case of prior climate ageing, the increase in the polar component was even higher. Moreover, the coating's ability to absorb battery acid increased, which induced blistering. The DSC method revealed that the action of battery acid caused more intense oxidation of coating material, and as a result, the brittleness increased, leading to chipping of the coating surface layers. This led to the increase in surface roughness, measured using an interferometric method. The coatings previously climatically aged for 2 years presented higher values of surface roughness parameters than the non-aged ones. The increase in the surface roughness contributed to a substantial decrease in the gloss of coatings. A sharp difference in colour escalating with the lengthening of the ageing period was also observed using the spectrophotometric method.
doi:10.3390/coatings11080967 fatcat:lbkwfl25t5hnvgpvr7czl2fvz4