Nonlinearity Analysis of Quantum Capacitance and its Effect on Nano-Graphene Field Effect Transistor characteristics [post]

2021 unpublished
A simple, compact, and fundamental physics-based quasi-analytic model for Single layer graphene field effect transistors (GFETs) with large area graphene is presented in which the quantum mechanical density gradient method is utilised. The basic device physics of the two-dimensional (2D) graphene channel is studied analytically. This modeling leads to the precise drain current calculation of the GFETs. The drain current calculation for GFETs starts from charge carrier concentration, its density
more » ... of states and quantum capacitance(QC). QC depends on the channel voltage as a function of gate to source voltage Vgs and drain to source voltage Vds primarily. The formulation of the drain current with velocity saturation has been done by the Monte Carlo simulation method. The performance of the analytical GFETs model is present the precise values of QC, its impact on drain current and transfer as well as output characteristics. The impact of QC at nanometer technology adds the nonlinearity to characteristics curves. The proposed method provides better results as compared with the previous analytical and simulated results.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:kkt7aywlizczzlgm3nwaqckxim