Expression of P16 and cyclin D1 in the course of carcinogenesis of the stomach

Yu-long Chen, Feng Xu, Yan-jie Li
1999 Chinese Journal of Cancer Research  
Objective: To determine p16 and cyclin D1 expression in the specimen of gastric carcinoma, atypic hyperplasia, atrophic gastritis, superficial gastritis and normal gastric mucosa. Methods: Using immunohistochemical method (ABC), the samples of 58 adenocarcinomas, 22 atypic hyperplasias, 28 atrophic gastritis, 27 superficial gastritis and 15 gastric epitheliums were analyzed. Results: Positive immunostaining rate for p16 protein was the highest in normal gastric mucosa and decreased with the
more » ... reased with the lesions progressing from superficial gastritis to atrophic gastritis to atypital hyperplasia and to adenocarcinoma (85 %, 78.6 %, 31.8 %, 48.3% respectively); Positive immunostaining of cycliLi D1 can observed in atrophic gastritis. With the lesions progressing from atrophic gastritis to atypical hyperplasia to adenocarcinoma, its expression rate increased (17.9 %, 36.4%, 53.4 % respectively), and there was a significant difference between adenocarcinoma and atrophic gastritis group (P<0.05). An interesting observation was that inverse expression between p16 and cyclin D1, was shown in most of gastric cancer detected. Conclusion: It is indicated that p16 and cyclin D1 play an important role in the gastric carcinogenesis, the inverse expression between p16 and cyclin D1 suggested that there is a suppression trend in them.
doi:10.1007/s11670-999-0100-1 fatcat:ny35r5vtvfb2xfmzh2sfdwh5qe