A systematic methodology for sensitivity analysis in life cycle thinking context applied to hemp-based insulation products for buildings

T. Senga Kiessé, A. Ventura, H. M. G. Van Der Werf, B. Cazacliu, R. Idir, A. Andrianandraina
This work aims at using a global sensitivity analysis (SA) approach within the frame of life cycle assessment (LCA) for providing information to the actors of system in a product's life cycle. More precisely, the coupling of life cycle thinking and sensitivity analysis methods aims to systematically check the influence of input parameters of a foreground process controlled by a given economic actor. Amongst others issues, the developed method must be able to identify trends and effects for each
more » ... nd effects for each input parameter on each environmental indicator considered. An application of the methodology proposed is realized to the industrial transformation of hemp into insulation products for buildings. The most influential parameters on the considered environmental impact categories are identified including the technological action levers that economic actor can control. Finally, this work results in a set of recommendations towards an eco-design approach for industrial actor in order to reduce the environmental impacts generated by his activity.
doi:10.26168/icbbm2015.90 fatcat:dsihtvyauzdkzcpratnq3q3f3y