Astronomical Navigation with a Digital Computer : Part I, Spherical Trigonometry
デイジタル計算機による天文航法 : I球面三角形の解法(日本航海学会第35回講演会)

M. Hirota
1967 The Journal of the Nautical Society of Japan  
覇 し h 即 id developm t of electronics , the miniturized digital computer will be equipped Qn a ship near future . Under necessities of astronQmical navigatiQn with a digital computer , programs of distance and initial and final cGurces have been set up and tested between two points on the great circle. A ord 三 ng to HITAC 5020 ( FORTRAN
doi:10.9749/jina.36.0_59 fatcat:b2adwsyribfkxn2uh5jv5pww2i