Effect of omeg-3 supplementation on preeclampsia in high risk pregnant women

F Ranjkesh, F Laluha, H Pakniat, H Kazemi, T Golshahi, S Esmaeili
2011 JQUMS   unpublished
Identification of factors preventing preeclampsia in high risk pregnant women is of prime importance. The omega-3 supplementation may reduce the risk of preeclampsia. Objective: The aim of the present study was to assess the effects of omega-3 supplementation on high risk pregnancy for preeclampsia in the city of Qazvin. Methods: This was a single-blind randomized clinical trial conducted on 100 high risk pregnant women for preeclampsia over a period between 14 to 18 weeks of gestation in the
more » ... ty of Qazvin, Iran. Fifty patients were assigned to omega-3 group and another 50 to placebo group. Women were given a daily supplementation of 1000mg omega-3 or placebo until delivery. Later, preeclampsia and pregnancy outcome were assessed in both groups. Data were analyzed statistically using t-test, chi square test, Mannwhitney, and Fisher exact tests. Findings: There were significant differences between the omega-3 and placebo groups regarding the rate (p=0.015) and intensity (p=0.01) of preeclampsia. Statistically, a significant correlation between the omega-3 group and outcome of pregnancy including the birth weight (p=0.000) and apgar score (p=0.002) was found. Conclusion: Our results suggest that supplementation with omega-3 during pregnancy reduces the risk of preeclampsia in high risk pregnant women. Thus it seems necessary to promote educational programs on nutrition for pregnant women.