Prediction of Selection Decision of Document Using Bibliographic Data at the National Library of France (BnF)

Ahmed Salah, Geneviève Cron, Nicolas Ragot, Thierry Paquet, Ahmed Salah, Geneviève Cron, Nicolas Ragot, Paquet Thierry, Ahmed Salah
2012 Geneviève Cron   unpublished
The selection process of the documents is a very important step in mass digitization projects. This is especially true at the BnF, where the digitization should include or not OCRization depending on the OCR results expected. Consequently, the selection task is very complex and time consuming due to the number of documents to be processed and the diversity of the selection criteria to consider. trying to improve and simplify this task by automation, we studied the relationship between
more » ... hic data and the selection decisions of documents. We used two statistical analysis : a factor analysis of correspondence and a multiple correspondence analysis. Our analysis has shown that, for example, the documents in format "4 or GR FOL" and edited "between 1961 and 1990" in Morocco are more likely to be "Selected". However, the documents in format "16 or 8" and edited "between 1871 and 1800 in English or Spanish have a greater chance to be "Not Selected".