Reduction of Fluoride at Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant Badwai

Kushwah Kumar, Malik Suman, Bajpai Avinash, Raj Kumar
2011 International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment   unpublished
Fluoride is a normal constituent of natural water samples. Its concentration varies significantly depending on the water sources both in urban and rural areas. Although both geological and man-made sources contribute to the occurrence of fluoride in water, the major contribution comes from geological resources. Except in isolated cases, surface waters seldom have fluoride exceeding 0.3 mg/l. The increase in water demand in addition to water shortage has led to growing interest in wastewater
more » ... e. In the present study wastewater samples from different stages of sewage treatment plant Badwai, situated at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, were analyzed for Fluoride by using standard methods. During present study the sewage treatment system using different materials showed excellent potential in Fluoride removal from the wastewater. The results of analysis of treated water for Fluoride indicate that the treated water can be used for secondary purposes like industrial cooling and agricultural uses.