Information Visualization Theorem for Battlefield Screen

Heesoo Jung, Suhwan Kim, Yongjin James Kwon
2016 Journal of Computer and Communications  
Designing military screen (display) is not complicated in the past, the design should contains easiness of using, visibility and functionality. And it is important that contains all of the information what the system could be gotten. Today military display design can be valued by consideration of human's cognition model. A few information, which operators of military display could easily miss, could bring critical loss. So the military display needs the ability to help operator decide the
more » ... ry decision with sufficient consideration of battlefield information in a short time. The information is considerably complicated because it has many military entities and many attributes for each entities. For this reason this research contains the methodology of information organization especially for visual information. When the operator use military display, the required information should be recognized at a glance and located where the operator can place his eye easily. Therefore, the display screen should efficiently organize and effectively transfer the information. This paper specifically proposes design methodology to effectively organize and visualize the information in the display screen. The theory of information visualization in a variety of fields already exist, but it has no established theory for the origin of the display screen design. Since the theory was selected to organize the military display interface design for the display screen of the battlefield situation existing information visualization theory.
doi:10.4236/jcc.2016.45011 fatcat:6repkemq2bgq3kwze3xjvtyldm