Figures of merit for focusing mega-electron-volt ion beams in biomedical imaging and proton beam writing

Minqin Ren, Harry J. Whitlow, Ananda Sagari A. R., Jeroen A. van Kan, Thomas Osipowicz, Frank Watt
2008 Journal of Applied Physics  
A figure of merit ͑FOM͒ has been developed for focusing quadrupole multiplet lenses for ion microand nanobeam systems. The method which is based on measurement of the central peak of the two-dimensional autocorrelation function of an image provides separate FOM for the horizontal and vertical directions. The approach has been tested by comparison with the edge widths obtained by nonlinear fitting the edge widths of a Ni grid and found to be reliable. The FOM has the important advantage for ion
more » ... advantage for ion beam imaging of biomedical samples that the fluence needed is considerably lower than for edge fitting.
doi:10.1063/1.2827106 fatcat:qpjsyhuxazhjfkiyymdohm5rnu