Dishing Direct Instruction: Teachers and Parents Tell All!

Philip Kanfush
2014 The Qualitative Report  
This qualitative study assessed overall parent and teacher satisfaction with Direct Instruction reading for students having low incidence disabilities at an approved, private-licensed school for exceptional children in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Results of four parent and four teacher interviews coupled with document analysis disclosed inadequate teacher training in Direct Instruction methodologies, an incomplete understanding of Direct Instruction on the part of the parents interviewed,
more » ... and high rates of teacher and parent satisfaction with Direct Instruction methodology for teaching reading. Secondary findings included teacher infidelity to the Direct Instruction methodology and inadequate communication concerning reading instruction between school and parents. Recommendations for enhancing the teachers' and parents' experience of Direct Instruction are offered based upon the findings.
doi:10.46743/2160-3715/2014.1289 fatcat:ozvkxjua7ncbpdjed4biuy7tpy