Water Quality Analysis in Mantaro River, Peru, Before and After the Tailing's Accident Using the Grey Clustering Method

Alexi Delgado, Francisco Gil, Juan Chullunquía, Tom Valdivia, Chiara Carbajal
2021 International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology  
Problems with environmental accidents are increasing worldwide, which generates great damage to the environment. In fact, in July 2019, a tailing spill occurred that flowed into the Mantaro River, contaminating it with thousands of liters of waste. This had environmental consequences and social ones since there were people for and against mining, which is the principal economic activity in the area. In this way, this study proposes to quantify the damage caused by the tailing spill using the
more » ... y clustering method, which is based on grey systems theory. For this purpose, two sampling points were chosen for data collection and evaluation both before and after the accident, which allowed to measure the impact of metal concentrations and other physical-chemical parameters caused by accident. The results obtained from the study revealed increases in the concentration levels of metals such as aluminum, arsenic, among others, in some cases very high that exceeded the maximum permitted limits. Such findings could help local and national government authorities, people living and transiting near the river, and activities related to the use of the water in this river; since the quality of the river water can be lethal if the necessary measures are not taken. In addition, the method used in this study showed to be very practical and efficient during its application. Finally, it is advised that future research investigate each point along the Mantaro River and show the areas where the disaster had the most impact to develop some mitigating techniques.
doi:10.18517/ijaseit.11.3.11928 fatcat:u4wwnxerqnfvxdcbtkcl5lh4hy