The Study of Long-term Preservation Method and Strategy of Electronic Records

Chiao-Min Lin
【摘要 Abstract】 由於數位技術的快速變化及儲存媒體本身易損的問題,須要針對數位檔案保存的考量因素,建立一 套數位保存的整體策略。本文主要參酌既有的研究成果,由探討現存的各種數位保存方法著手,分析各 種方法之優劣,並簡述國外檔案管理機關對於電子檔案保存的策略與現行的相關計畫重點,以備我國未 來建立電子檔案保存整體策略之參考。 Because of the rapid advances in digital technologies and the physical deterioration of digital media, it is necessary to plan a strategy for long-term and safe storage of electronic records. This paper analyzes present studies and methods of digital preservation. Foreign experiences and policies on the preservation of electronic
more » ... ation of electronic records are discussed for future reference in establishing an integral system of digital documentary preservation in Taiwan. 關鍵詞 Keyword 電子檔案 長期保存 保存策略 Electronic records;Long-term preservation;Preservation strategy 78