THEİ LERlosİs' İN SACALTı ~lIj\;J)A YE:'.:İ t ı.AÇJ.AR

Güralp Nevzat
1985 Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi  
A. o. Vet. Fak. Derg. 32 (1) : 23\-235, \985 THEİ LERlosİs' İN SACALTı~lIj\;J)A YE:'.: İ t ı.AÇJ.AR Nevzat Güralp* Two new drugs in the treatment of Theileria annulata infeetions in eattle Summary: Tropieal theileriosis of eatile is the main pathogenie theileria speeies in eattle in Turkey. The principal veetors of T. annulata in this eountry are fIyalomma excavatum and fI. detritum. Un til now different drugs were in use against this infeetion without any definite effeet. Recently two newand
more » ... cently two newand specially active compounds are available for the therapyof T. annulata infecticn in cattle. Th~y are naphthoquinone parvaquone and hal~fuginone under trade names of Clexon and Stenoral respectively. Clexon was found effective against all stages of T. annulata infection in eatile whereas Sternoral is only effective on the shizont stage~f the disease.
doi:10.1501/vetfak_0000000344 fatcat:o7qecg2r2zcgbm3jllzpgtmcqa